General terms of use of the photo library

These terms of use are intended to define the conditions in which users (hereafter “you”) may make use of photographs contained in the photo library.

The photographs in the library are the exclusive property of the Château de Chenonceau. Reproduction is authorised subject to mention of © Château de Chenonceau followed by the name of the author (where applicable). However, any reproduction, dissemination or use for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited, save by express agreement of the Château de Chenonceau and in the conditions set out below.

Use for commercial or advertising purposes

For use for commercial or advertising purposes, pleasecontact us in advance using the form below.

Subject to our express agreement, temporary and non-exclusive use of photographs from the library is possible under the following conditions:

  • You may not alter, edit or modify the image, in whole or in part, for any reason.
  • You may use the image exclusively in its entirety for editorial purposes and/or to promote the Château de Chenonceau.
  • The image may not be used to promote or sell any product, service or technology (such as advertising, whatever the form or the support, brochures, book covers, photos, t-shirts, or other promotional items).
  • The Château de Chenonceau is and will remain the sole and exclusive owner of the image.
  • The photos may not be used in a political, defamatory, immoral, offensive or other context demeaning to its author or to the Château de Chenonceau.
  • You alone, and not the Château de Chenonceau, are responsible for the use you make of the image.
  • This right is not transferable.
  • The images cannot be sold or ceded free of charge to a third party.

Any dispute relating to these terms of use will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris (France).

Any use of the photo library implies acceptance of these general terms of use. For this purpose, you must tick the box: “I have read and I accept the terms of use.”


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