des Dômes

In 1550, Catherine de’ Medici established the Tournon plant at Chenonceau. The château vineyards are centuries old, having first flourished in the Renaissance.

The successive owners of Chenonceau, from Diane de Poitiers to Catherine de’ Medici, and from Madame Dupin to the Menier family, the proprietor since 1913, have always expressed a keen interest in the vineyards of their estate, and have produced in turn prestigious cuvées.

The Appellation Touraine Chenonceaux

Vineyards are one of the essential components of these beautiful landscapes.

Growers involved in the development of the geographical denomination of Touraine-Chenonceaux have demonstrated a serious and remarkable perseverance in recognition of their work. Today, the fruit of their efforts, in both red and white wines, is a high-end product, characterized by a lovely balance of flavours, a unique complexity and persistence of aromas. This new Appellation offers a perfect accord, an honest alchemy between the land and an exceptional château.