6 dec 2016
6 Jan 2017


Every day from 9:30 to 17:00.

Chenonceau is unique for its architecture and history, 

loved and protected for centuries by women… queens and courtesans from the history of France.

Another curiosity: for more than 20 years the château is has been home to a floral workshop that is unique en France.

Two florists take care of it every day of the year:

Jean-François Boucher, floral scenographer and holder of the title “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Artisan in France) and Aurélie Fachin, florist.

They manage a Flower Garden of over one hectare,

from which they create the marvellous flower arrangements that make Chenonceau the most refined château,

and one where visitors feel like “guests”.

For them, CHRISTMAS means more than 3 months of research, design, and finally… creation.

The event lasts one month, from Saint Nicholas Day (6 Dec) to Epiphany (6 Jan).

Each of the rooms, galleries, and kitchens inspire the florists, who ensure the enchantment is new every year: 

lavish bouquets, fir trees, installations and delightful scenes…

In 2016, the theme is a Nordic Christmas, with natural materials used to create very sophisticated, sometimes unexpected creations

that blend glittering gold and the white and black bark of the birch tree.